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NHL Outlines Plan to Fight Climate Change

July 22 -- Climate change is impacting the next generation of hockey players directly, according to a report released Monday by the National Hockey League.

The report, the first of its kind produced by a professional sports league in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, details a plan for the NHL to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. >>View Article

The Sensible Swedes Burn a Lot of their Garbage. Why Can't We?

June 22 -- Sweden, from which I’ve recently returned, is impressively functional, efficient, and rational. The air is clean; the ferries run on time. I spent a few days on the island of Gotland attending Almedalen, the weeklong festival of ideas where all the political parties gather together to mingle and debate. The super-fast train that whisks travelers from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central Train Station takes a mere 20 minutes and is powered by renewable energy. Despite its proximity to coal-rich Poland and Russia, Sweden doesn’t use any of the dirty black stuff to create energy. In fact, the country’s electricity supply is largely emission-free, with 44 percent derived from hydro, 40.5 percent nuclear, some wind, and less than 1 percent coming from coal. >>View Article

We Must Not Let Big Oil Bully Biofuels

July 22 -- It's vacation season across America. That means family road trips are under way and travelers are paying even closer attention when they pull up to the pump. America's road warriors have long cherished affordable gas prices. Today's drivers also value clean-burning fuel choices that help the environment and boost America's energy independence. >>View Article

Offshore Wind Energy in the U.S. has Immense Potential to Spur Job Growth and Power a Significant Amount of the Country with Cost-Effective Electricity

CLAIM: Offshore wind energy has nothing to offer the U.S. It’s too expensive and it doesn’t help the economy. Europe regrets its investments in offshore wind.
FACT:Offshore wind energy in the U.S. has immense potential to spur job growth and power a significant amount of the country with cost-effective electricity. >>View Article

Mark Ruffalo feels right at home bringing renewable energy message to NASCAR crowd

July 21 -- Mark Ruffalo had a big smile on his face as he signed ticket stubs and posed for pictures at Chicagoland Speedway. A steady stream of fans approached the actor from all angles, but he made it look as if it was a small party with a bunch of old friends.

Ruffalo felt right at home at his second NASCAR race.

"This culture is really familiar to me," he said. "These are like my people. I grew up an hour and a half away from here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. So this is my kind of family. This is what my people are like." >>View Article

Lower prices, more chargers make electric cars increasingly viable

July 21 -- People reluctant to buy electric vehicles have often cited their higher price tag.

But some of the major brands have dropped in price over the years, leading to higher sales growth.

Brendan Jones, director of electric vehicle sales and infrastructure deployment at Nissan Motor Corporation in Nashville, Tennessee, says the prices for their popular plug-in vehicle, the Leaf, dropped significantly and are now comparable to gas-powered vehicles. >>View Article

Tennessee ties to hydropower run deep

July 21 -- This week, more than 3,000 people will gather in Nashville for HydroVision International, the world’s largest hydropower conference.

With its deep ties to hydropower, Tennessee is certainly a fitting location for the conference.

For more than 80 years, Tennessee has been a hotbed for hydropower development and advancement, with both the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers taking leading roles in developing the region’s vast water resources and creating jobs and boosting economic development for communities across the Volunteer State. >>View Article

Colorado a hub for wind power

July 21 -- Over the years, Colorado has been a clean energy leader thanks to creative, ambitious citizens and well-designed policies. Given that legacy of innovation, the state is now a hub for clean, affordable wind power, and stands to gain immensely from wind’s continued growth. >>View Article

Clean Power, Off the Grid

July 18 -- STANFORD, Calif. — AFTER years of hype, renewable energy has gone mainstream in much of the United States and, increasingly, around the world.

Enormous wind projects are moving ahead in oil- and gas-rich Wyoming, utility-scale solar projects are sprouting up in California and Nevada and tens of thousands of homeowners nationwide are installing affordable solar panels on their rooftops.

But many communities that need small-scale renewable energy remain out in the cold — literally and figuratively. >>View Article

Gov. Dayton: Minnesota should eliminate coal use

July 18 -- MINNEAPOLIS – Gov. Mark Dayton challenged energy policy and business leaders Thursday to find a way for Minnesota to eliminate coal from the state's energy production.

Dayton, who has spoken of his aim to eliminate coal before, said it's time to start talking details so that Minnesota can lead the nation. >>View Article

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