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Jim Probst: An Idea We Can Live With

June 5 -- I write in support of an idea that I believe to be essential if we are going to find a way to combat the changes that are happening with our planet.

First, I want to acknowledge that there are probably a number of readers that don’t believe in human caused climate change and therefore don’t think that we need to look for ways to solve it. >>View Article

Scientists Solve Solar Energy's Burning Question: How to Make it Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

June 5 -- In a fight between solar and fossil fuels, the latter has always had a killer question up its sleeve: "What about supercritical steam?" That's the method by which the most advanced power stations generate electricity, superheating water until it instantly becomes steam, a feat that's only possible (and affordable) by burning coal or gas. Or, at least it was. Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization has managed to use solar energy to the same effect, boiling liquid to temperatures of 570 degrees Celsius in a test chamber. >>View Article

How expensive is wind energy? The answer will SHOCK you.

June 4 -- It’s time to set the record straight. Wind energy is cheap. Really, really cheap.For new wind farms installed last year in the Plains, prices reached $21 per megawatt hour (MWh). That’s effectively two cents per kilowatt hour ($0.021/kWh). >>View Article

'All of the above' is not an energy plan with a goal

June 4 -- Wednesday’s contributors' blog by Charles McConnell in The Hill was titled “Energy solution must be an 'all of the above' strategy.”  McConnell states in his first sentence, “The two cornerstones of our global society that are fundamental to our lives today and for our future are 1) the affordability and security of our energy and 2) environmental responsibility.” >>View Article

Baltimore's Water Wheel goes viral

June 4 -- A seemingly endless flow of trash has plagued the Inner Harbor for years, and the problem only gets worse in the aftermath of downpours like the one that washed through the area in early May. Baltimore's hardworking fleet of trash-skimming boats scoops 200 tons of garbage from the harbor every year, but it can barely keep up with the problem. But as 884,409 people (and counting) on the website Reddit can attest, help has arrived. That's how many people viewed a video featuring the city's latest solution. >>View Article

Our Voice: Tap geothermal power to restore the Salton Sea

June 4 -- The plan to tap the mammoth geothermal potential of the Salton Sea, and to generate a revenue stream to help restore California's largest lake, took a major step last week when the state Senate approved a bill by two Coachella Valley legislators. >>View Article

Nearing a Climate Legacy

June 3 -- The greenhouse gas reductions required by the Obama administration’s proposed rule on power plants will not get the world to where it has to go to avert the worst consequences of climate change. But they are likely to be enormously beneficial: good for the nation’s health, good for technological innovation, good for President Obama’s credibility abroad, and, in time, good for the planet and future generations. >>View Article

With New Power Plant Rules, Energy Efficiency Checks All the Boxes

June 3 -- Today, the Environmental Protection Agency will announce common sense standards that will cut carbon pollution from power plants and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The new standards are historic. They will be the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution from the existing electricity sector fleet, which currently makes up about one-third of total emissions in the United States. The EPA will give states the flexibility to use many different tools to reduce pollution, but one strategy stands out as especially cost-effective and certain to work: energy efficiency. >>View Article

Time is Ripe for Climate Action

June 3 -- This morning President Obama released a draft proposal calling for federal regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on carbon emissions from existing power plants. In this historic move, the President has shown that the United States is prepared to take meaningful steps to fight global warming. >>View Article

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