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BlackRock buys into new Texas wind projects

October 1 -- A New York private equity firm is buying up a stake in several recently completed Texas wind farm projects.

The BlackRock private investment firm has partnered with San Diego-based EDF Renewable Energy to buy a 50 percent interest in new wind projects, most recently the 200-megawatt Longhorn Wind project that EDF announced in June had become operational. The deal was finalized Tuesday. The Texas Panhandle wind farm is located between Lubbock and Amarillo. >>View Article

Solar: A smart investment in America

October 1 -- Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy, employing 174,000 Americans and supplying half of the nation’s new electric power generation during the first six months of this year. Spurred by American innovation and smart tax policy that has leveraged nearly $100 billion in private investment, solar is an American success story.

That’s why Isaac Orr’s uninformed attack piece comes as such a surprise. Can The Heartland Institute truly be so out of touch with what is happening in America? >>View Article

Shell CEO: Solar Energy To Be Backbone Of World’s Energy System

October 1 -- Solar energy will comprise the backbone of the world’s energy system in years to come, according to the CEO of Shell (yes, that Shell), Ben van Beurden.

The exact words used by Van Beurden were that he has “no hesitation to predict that in years to come solar will be the dominant backbone of our energy system, certainly of the electricity system.” Considering that these words were from the CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world, one would assume that he has good reasons for saying what he did. >>View Article

Top GOP Pollsters Explain How to Sell Conservatives on One of the Things They Hate Most

September 29 -- Climate change isn't exactly a major issue for Republicans — only 10% of Republicans describe it as a top worry. And Republicans consistently rail against President Barack Obama's energy proposals.  But a new poll released Monday found that there may be a way to sell conservatives on the issue.  A group of top Republican pollsters assembled by ClearPath, a right-leaning group that advocates for clean energy, released the results of a new poll that found conservative voters overwhelmingly support investing in clean energy — as long as the messenger isn't talking about climate change. >>View Article

Walmart Doubles Down on Renewable Energy with Wind Deal

September 29 -- The world’s largest retailer will buy 58% of the energy produced by a new wind facility in Texas, as the retailer looks to ultimately get to 100% renewable use.  Walmart WMT 1.08% is taking a big step toward fulfilling its long-term ambition of being wholly supplied by renewable energy with a new deal to buy more than half of the electricity generated by a new wind power facility in Texas for the next ten years. >>View Article

Recognizing North Carolina’s Wind-Energy Potential

September 29 -- While an offshore wind farm may not be in the state’s immediate future, recent policy developments and ongoing research confirming the significant potential of offshore wind resources continue the momentum for offshore sites down the road.  A new UNC study concluded that “because of a promising wind resource, large areas off the coast of North Carolina are well-suited for wind energy development and worthy of further investigation” >>View Article

Larimer Landlord Sees Solar Energy as Way to Cut Costs for Tenants

September 28 -- While renovating an old plumbing warehouse on Hamilton Avenue in Larimer five years ago, Craig Marcus began looking for tenants who would enliven the street.  “There were just auto parts warehouses,” he said. “I wanted to bring the street some energy. It always shut down at 4 o’clock.”  Some of the energy he has brought is saving two nonprofit tenants on their electricity bills.  An array of 54 solar panels on the roof of the building and 52 panels on a shed behind it are expected to pay for themselves in five to six years. Then, Mr. Marcus will be able to sell excess energy back to the power company while his tenants, GTECH Strategies and Grow Pittsburgh, get 70 percent of their electrical needs supplied by solar. >>View Article

Utahns Are Willing to Invest in Clean Air

September 28 --

A new poll shows Utah residents overwhelmingly want less polluting, more energy efficient homes, cars that have a better smog rating and to use transit more and drive less if that's what it takes to effectively address the air pollution problem.  The trick, most agree, will be if residents can transcend from a place of "wanting," to doing — a transformation that results show is accomplished via a combination of methods that include new building codes for homes, having access to the cleanest cars manufactured and walkable communities. >>View Article

Ohio Should Modernize, Not Freeze, its Electricity Market

September 28 -- Ohio needs a 21st-century energy strategy that embraces innovation and investment. We have the potential to diversify the state's portfolio, create jobs, and ensure reliability and affordability. Unfortunately, a legislative committee is poised to move Ohio backwards. >>View Article

Tennessee Minorities Will Benefit from Clean Power Plan

September 28 --

For the past year, a team of Tennessee State University students and I have been investigating the air quality in and around the Cayce Place community as participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project.  Low-income and minority communities such as Cayce Place are often the hardest hit by the effects of air pollution and climate change.  The EPA’s new Clean Power Plan will, for the first time ever, limit power plant releases of carbon dioxide, particulate matter and related pollutants such as ozone. >>View Article

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