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Clean Power Plan a Win All-Around

December 10 -- Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first-ever limits on the nation's biggest source of heat-trapping gases that are driving climate change, the carbon pollution pouring into the air from fossil fuel power plants. This is the most important step we can take to ensure healthy, productive lives for our children and their children. >>View Article

There's a Big Energy Story Unfolding and It's Not About Cheap Oil

December 10 -- A few hundred solar panels here, a few hundred there, and pretty soon you're talking about a bona fide source of electricity generation. While most consumers have been eagerly watching oil prices plummet in the last several months, little attention has been given to the potentially even more significant developments in the solar sector. >>View Article

Wind Farms Affect Neither Health Nor Property Values

December 10 -- More than any other renewable energy technology, wind farms have encountered heated opposition based solely on the absurd: They affect our health; They impact property values; They look ugly (this one being somehow a valid argument in some countries). However, two new studies have found that wind farms do not affect health or property values. >>View Article

Wind Energy State Fact Sheets

December 9 -- Wind energy fact sheet showing past, present, and future resource potential along with factoids on wind industry supply chain and current electricity generation in the 11-state Southeast region. >>View Article

U.S. Solar Power Sector Booming

December 9 -- More than 1,000 megwatts of solar energy was added to the U.S. grid during the third quarter and there's no sign of a slowdown, data published Tuesday show. >>View Article

Maine Tabbed As Blueprint For Renewable Energy

December 9 -- Maine is one of eight states chosen for a study of clean energy.

The decision comes from the Pew Charitable Trust which did research indicating Maine has an abundance of renewable resources. >>View Article

An Excellent Start: GOP Congressman Chris Gibson and Climate Change

December 9 -- I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about global warming. Sadly, much of it isn’t discussing the science—which is now extremely well established—but in debunking the ridiculous and frankly appalling denial so rampant in our political leaders.

That’s why it brings me a substantial amount of delight to write about Chris Gibson, a Republican from upstate New York who acknowledges the reality of climate change. >>View Article

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