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Partnership for Renewable Integration and Market Expansion (PRIME)

PRIME is a leadership program of prominent, multi-technology renewable energy companies, investors, and consumers that guide ACORE’s strategic policy agenda, with an emphasis on (1) protecting critical renewable energy incentives and supportive policies, and (2) identifying and promoting policy changes and market reforms that facilitate expansion of U.S. renewable energy markets.  PRIME members: 

  1. Play a lead role in forging and overseeing strategic initiatives in support of current and new policies that drive significant demand for renewable energy. Members participate in meetings with key decision makers and develop deliverables such as industry comments and analysis.

  2. Play a key role in ACORE’s various market expansion working groups, overseeing their development and implementation. ACORE’s organizational members, who represent all sectors of the renewable energy industry, are engaged in Working Groups that focus on expanding demand and developing targeted opportunities in the renewable energy market.  Current market expansion working groups include:
    • Renewable Energy Integration and Storage: Develop and advance power market reforms and financial structures to facilitate integration of renewable energy generation at increasing scale
    • Corporate Procurement: Encourage large energy users to power their businesses with increasing penetrations of renewables
    • National Defense & Security: Smooth the transaction space for military renewable energy procurement and increase sales in support of the military’s mission
  1. Advise content for ACORE industry educational activities, including webinars, conference agendas, and publications. These educational activities provide insights concerning renewable energy market dynamics to tens of thousands of industry players. Members will serve as expert content advisors for these activities and be given prominent visibility through co-chair, speaking, and authoring opportunities.

In addition to periodic meetings with key officials, PRIME will meet for planning sessions in-person annually and by phone quarterly to assess recent developments and discuss ongoing and new programs. Participants will receive visibility and branding options on the ACORE website, at events, and in external materials.

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