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Corporate Procurement Working Group

Simplifies Renewable Procurement to Provide Realistic Options for Corporate Players Across the Economy


The growing purchase of renewable energy by corporate end users is fundamentally remaking the model for electric power sales in the U.S.

Leveraging ACORE’s 15 years of leadership on renewable energy policy, finance, and market development, the Corporate Procurement Working Group taps the organization’s extensive network of leading renewable financiers, developers, power generators, and corporate consumers of renewable energy to facilitate the procurement and integration of renewable energy into the power generation portfolios of leading American companies.

Working Group Objectives

Policy: Whether companies want to advocate for supportive policies or increase their awareness of the policy landscape, the Working Group provides the necessary tools to help companies understand and address key federal and state policy issues.

Finance: Led by its U.S. Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance, a coalition of senior-level financiers who invest in all sectors of the energy industry, ACORE provides companies an in-depth look at established and innovative financing structures for renewable energy procurement and offers an assessment of how current market dynamics are affecting deal flow.

Connectivity: In keeping with ACORE’s mission to unite business, policy, and finance to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy, the Working Group strategically connects members, end-users, as well as relevant sustainability, finance, and energy stakeholders through outcome-oriented discussions on how to best advance business opportunities.

2016 Activities

ACORE is advancing opportunities and identifying solutions for corporate procurement through the following activities:

  1. A series of executive meetings and workshops to address the challenges corporations face as they seek to take full advantage of renewable technologies, focused on finance, policy, and specific state engagement
  2. Executive Meeting on Advancing Corporate Procurement Solutions (by invitation only), March 16, 2016, Washington, DC
  3. Leadership Meeting on Advancing Corporate Procurement Solutions (by invitation only), June 20, 2016, New York City, NY
  4. Advocacy for federal and state policies that are strategically important to facilitate corporate procurement, including for example efforts to reverse state policies that bar third-party sales or purchase of electric power 
  5. Publication of a collection of case studies highlighting key insights concerning successful strategies for procuring renewable energy, expected June 20, 2016

For more information, please contact James Hewett at ACORE at or by phone at 202-507-4635.

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