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With a rapidly growing economy and a diverse energy portfolio, Brazil is a country to watch with regards to renewable energy, ranking third behind the United States and Canada in terms of energy sector size in North America. It is estimated that the Brazilian economy will grow 5 percent per year between 2010 and 2020, requiring significant investments in energy infrastructure to meet demand.

Thanks to its many large rivers, Brazil utilizes renewable hydroelectric energy to meet over 80 percent of its electricity demand, with an additional 6 percent coming from biofuel and wind energy. Brazil is the second largest producer of ethanol in the world after the United States due to its large sugar cane crop, and its wind energy market is growing at a fast pace.In 2012 alone, 40 new wind farms came online, and the Brazilian government has set a goal of achieving 16GW of wind energy capacity by 2020.

ACORE has an interest in promoting and expanding the renewable energy industry in Brazil and building lasting relationships between the industries in Brazil and the U.S.

For more information on ACORE’s International Programs, please contact:

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Senior Associate, International Programs
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