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Wind farm tax revenue a boon to county, school coffers

June 16 -- Before wind energy developers come into a county or township to start prospecting and negotiating with landowners for easements to build wind energy infrastructure on private property, there's one claim they invariably make. County economic development officials and supervisors are assured that wind energy will bring in substantial property tax revenue to the county. Is their claim true? >>View Article

Global Wind Energy Day

June 16 -- June 15 is Global Wind Energy Day. As Colorado is a world leader in wind energy production, it is not only fitting to tout our success, but to encourage its further production. >>View Article

Op-ed: EPA carbon plan works for Utah, despite delegation’s complaints

June 16 -- 

Sadly, some in Utah’s congressional delegation greeted EPA’s long-awaited "Clean Power Plan" with a knee-jerk response that amounts to no more than uninformed fear-mongering.

Rep. Chris Stewart dismissed these welcome limits on the nation’s biggest carbon polluters as "big-government regulations and less freedom for American business and American families." Sen. Orrin Hatch described it as a "radical policy."

In reality, the EPA’s proposal is a straightforward and flexible approach that will help Utah families. >>View Article

Molvar: Carbon policy and real Wyoming solutions

June 16 -- The Obama Administration’s plan to reduce carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants announced last week has sparked a chorus of doom-saying in Wyoming.

But the trend away from fossil fuels is an ongoing, market-based reality whether you like the Obama plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or not. While the state of Wyoming continues to cozy up to the fossil fuel industry, other states – the states to which Wyoming hopes to sell the dirty energy we produce – are transitioning away from fossil fuels. >>View Article

EPA Carbon Rule is a Winner

June 16 -- Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency revealed its carbon reduction plan for existing power plants. EPA’s Clean Power Plan represents America’s most significant effort so far to transition to a clean energy economy and combat climate change. Mother Nature will be undoubtedly grateful, but the economy will have plenty of reasons to celebrate, too. The fact is, the environment and the economy are not mutually exclusive. As CalCEF President and ACORE board co-chair Dan Reicher aptly put it, “the renewable energy industry is living proof that flexible carbon rules can be both good for the economy and good for the environment." >>View Article

Why Are Some in Congress Content to Let Wind Industry Jobs Blow Away?

June 13 -- Believe it or not, there was a day when the Production Tax Credit for clean, renewable energy was not a partisan issue. When it cleared the House Ways and Means Committee in 1992, it was with a strong bipartisan majority. Then, clean energy was not perceived in Congress an us-versus-them issue. There was broad agreement on both sides of the aisle that developing new, cleaner energy industries would begin to level the playing field among energy sources and create more choices for consumers. It was described as good for the environment, the economy, and the nation as a whole. Members of both parties jockeyed to get projects and factories in their districts.

Alas, those days are gone, even if the benefits are not. Now there is a crusading right-wing that is happy to take fossil fuel money hand over fist and be the spear tip for that industry's efforts to sabotage its growing clean energy competition. Most Republican members of Congress are now under great pressure from the big polluters who are their big money campaign donors to actively oppose clean energy industries that have been an agent of economic growth in the nation generally and in rural Republican districts specifically. >>View Article

Pinch more pennies with solar power

June 13 -- It’s hard to find a person these days who isn’t interested in saving a few dollars.

Whether it’s by clipping coupons or carpooling with co-workers, every little bit adds up to help keep the budget in the black.

So who’s interested in taking their penny-pinching practices to the next level? All you need to do is look toward the sky for inspiration. Nature’s original light bulb, the sun, has a bright idea that could save you more than just pocket change. >>View Article

Wisconsin utilities hit 10% renewable energy goal, two years early

June 13 -- Wisconsin utilities generated more than 10% of the state’s power from renewable sources in 2013, hitting the clean energy target two years before the deadline set by the state Legislature.

State energy regulators announced the milestone in approving utilities’ 2013 compliance reports with the state law that passed in 2006 to boost Wisconsin’s renewable power supplies. >>View Article

Energy independence: attainable, but not with fossil fuels

June 13 -- Last month, the U.S. Energy Information Administration announced to the Los Angeles Times that two-thirds of the gas thought to be available for hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. does not exist.

This was a rough blow to those who have touted fracking as a surefire path to energy independence, as was the recent discovery that the Canadian tar sands oil planned to be transported via the Keystone XL pipeline is specifically intended for sale overseas.

But those who relied on these filthy energy sources to make the U.S. energy-independent need not despair: energy independence is still easily attainable. >>View Article

Tom Kiernan: Wind Power Can Help Reduce Carbon Pollution

June 12 -- Power plants are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and with the Environmental Protection Agency unveiling new rules regulating the amount of carbon pollution released by existing power plants, many Americans should know what can be done to meet these standards – including ways we can do so without significantly raising electricity rates or hurting the economy. >>View Article


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