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As Congress Mulls Keystone XL Pipeline, States Champion Renewables

February 12 -- While the House hones in on its flagship energy issue for the new session, attention on the Keystone XL pipeline detracts from a number of other significant developments in our quest toward a more vibrant economy.

Keystone is a symbolic issue for our new Congress, but despite the pipeline’s virtues and vices, the legislation is only one small piece of America’s overall energy strategy. Consequently, as Keystone garners the bulk of recent media coverage, policies with much more impact are quietly being enacted at the state and local levels — policies that truly bolster energy infrastructure. >>View Article

Increasing Hydropower Hits a Bipartisan Sweet Spot

February 12 -- The topic of energy often fuels political debate.

But, as our next report shows, water might be putting out some of those fires. The U.S. Department of Energy says hydropower has the potential to generate electricity for more than four million homes. >>View Article

America Can Boost Role of Wind Energy

February 12 -- America leads the world in wind power — and it’s doing so with one arm behind its back.

Today, 39 states, have utility-scale wind turbines. Combined, these 39 states generate more wind energy than any other country in the world. >>View Article

Congress Needs to Follow the People on Clean Energy

February 12 -- Harvesting power from the wind is about investing in long-term energy solutions that can benefit our families, communities and economy for generations to come.

However, there are some inside the Beltway who talk about renewable energy as if it were merely a pet cause of the left. >>View Article

Electric Cars Benefit State Economy, Studies Say

February 12 -- Less than four dollars.

That’s the cost to fuel an electric car for 100 miles in Georgia. Compare that to the typical cost of driving a conventional vehicle the same distance — about $13.57 last year — and even with gas prices falling, there are big savings awaiting Georgia drivers of electric vehicles. >>View Article

Apple Commits to Landmark Clean Energy Deal with First Solar

February 11 -- Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Tuesday that the company is taking on an ambitious project: an enormous solar farm that will provide enough power for all of the company’s corporate offices, California stores, its forthcoming campus and more.

The project will be undertaken in collaboration with First Solar as part of that firm’s 2,900-acre California Flats solar project. Apple’s portion of the farm is 1,300 acres and will add 130 megawatts of solar power to the California grid, First Solar said in a statement. >>View Article

Oklahoma Chamber Releases Study Highlighting Tax Exemption Benefits

February 11 -- Responding to proposed legislation to rein in the incentive, the Oklahoma State Chamber released a study Monday on the economic benefits of the ad valorem tax exemption used by Oklahoma wind farms and manufacturers.

The study, by economic consulting firm RegionTrack Inc., said the incentive is especially beneficial to rural communities. For every dollar expended, the firm estimated $225 came in new economic output. >>View Article

Voters Favor Renewable Focus

February 11 -- As Congress mulls a new national energy policy, Morning Consult polling finds that Americans largely favor renewable energy sources of electricity like solar and wind power over technologies like nuclear and coal power. >>View Article

Renewable Fuels Standard Reform Act Will Negatively Impact SD Farmers

February 11 -- The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Renewable Fuels Standard Reform Act released yesterday could have a negative impact on South Dakota's farmers, rural communities and ethanol industry if the recommendations become law, said Doug Sombke, President of South Dakota Farmers Union.

In the report, the EPA recommended an end to ethanol subsidies, which are included as part of the current Renewable Fuels Standard. >>View Article


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