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Another Reason to Invest in Solar

September 24 -- The CEO of one of the largest oil companies on the planet also said, "Amid tumultuous oil markets and tumbling costs as photovoltaic cells are rolled out globally, the value of solar is already evident..." Of course, we don't need him to tell us that. Truth is, this isn't “news” — although when the CEO of an oil company speaks positively about solar, it does make for a good headline. Especially when some in the U.S. solar industry are fearful about what could happen in the absence of the investment tax credit (ITC), which I discussed in last week's piece. >>View Article

Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a Boon for California

September 24 -- As our state’s investor-in-chief, my job is all about smart investing for the future and for the benefit of all Californians. That’s why I support our low carbon fuel standard and look forward to its re-adoption by the California Air Resources Board this week. California has grown accustomed to pioneering energy policies ahead of the rest of the nation and the world. Since we rank among the 10 largest global economies, the standards we incubate here often influence decisions by other states, the federal government and other countries. When California gets it right, jobs are created, the economy grows and we enjoy a cleaner environment. >>View Article

Congress Should Look to American Wind Power for Climate Solutions

September 23 -- World leaders and U.S. policymakers are increasingly in the market for climate solutions. A recent example is the 11 House Republicans who introduced a resolution last week calling for “improved environmental stewardship” and for conservatives to take the lead on “bringing our energy sector into the next generation.” They will quickly find wind energy is one of the biggest, fastest and cheapest ways the U.S. can cut carbon pollution today and that the value American wind power generates is growing. >>View Article

Kansas in Top 10 for Renewable Energy Jobs in Second Quarter, Report Says

September 23 -- Kansas was in the top 10 for renewable energy jobs announced in the second quarter, mostly due to plans for two wind farms. Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a group that advocates for policies that favor renewable energy, recorded 462 jobs related to that sector were announced in Kansas in the second quarter. Nationwide, about 10,500 renewable energy and “clean transportation” jobs were announced in the second quarter, according to E2. Texas had the most announcements, at 2,160. The other top 10 states were Nevada, California, Utah, North Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado, Virginia and Nebraska. >>View Article

The Clean Power Plan Isn’t Just About Energy -- It’s About Water Too

September 11 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Power Plan has been heralded as a major step toward a low-carbon economy in the United States. By reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, the new policy is designed to promote the development of renewable energy sources nationwide. >>View Article 

Another Smear by Big Oil on Wind Power

September 11 -- Koch-funded Kathleen Hartnett White’s Aug. 31 commentary on the Clean Power Plan ignores how low-cost wind energy helps states cost-effectively and reliably cut carbon pollution.

Unable to criticize American wind energy, among the lowest-cost and most productive in the world, White instead focuses on Germany. Her argument has little relevance as U.S. wind plants are nearly twice as productive as those in Germany, allowing the cost of wind in the U.S. to be a fraction of what it is in Europe. >>View Article 


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