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March 17, 2014

Dear Member,

ACORE’s 2014 annual Member Day meeting and National Renewable Energy Policy Forum are just around the corner on March 27-28, 2014! Member Day is at the Newseum and the Policy Forum is in the Kennedy Caucus Room in the Russell Senate Office Building.

The National Renewable Energy Policy Forum focuses on “Evolving Policy to Keep Pace with Market Innovation” and takes place at a strategic juncture of the renewable energy market development and shifting policy direction on Capitol Hill.   Even in the shadow of problematical policy uncertainty, including the expiration, once again, of renewable tax incentives and a first ever proposal by USEPA to reduce annual Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) for biofuel production, our nation’s renewable energy entrepreneurs, developers, financers and investors are innovating and paving the way in a remarkable and business-case successful transformation of America’s energy future. 


Adding to the shifting landscape, the Chairs of the important Senate and House tax-writing committees released very different tax reform position papers; first, now-U.S Ambassador to China Baucus’ Senate version extending tax treatment of renewables, and then, 113th Congress’ outgoing-Chair Camp’s  House draft eliminating and retroactively modifying certain renewable and fossil-based tax incentives. These proposals signal a seismic shift toward the revising the U.S. tax code… sadly, probably not in this session of the Congress.  As I write this, we now have a new Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), who leans favorably toward tax extenders, including renewable energy tax incentives. So, the stage is set for a true Washington policy change moment with important effect for our industry--and you can be at the nexus.

In juxtaposition, strangely enough, the most significant policy force presently transforming the electricity and transportation sectors is arguably not Congress, but USEPA’s evolving regulatory framework for greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and for renewable liquid transportation fuels through the RFS.  These frameworks are policy wrinkles wrapped around multiple axles that beg us for close attention--and again, you can be at the nexus. OBTW, USEPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be at the Forum, speaking and meeting with attendees.

Our 2014 Policy Forum convenes thought leaders from every sector at the nexus of policy, practice and deployment for an essential national conversation addressing the critical issues central to the scale up of renewable energy and a national security, economic security and environmental security transformation.  Our goal for 2014 is to ensure the policy conversation keeps pace with and supports renewable energy evolution and transformation.  You can join with renewable energy business and finance leaders, key elected and administration leaders, state regulatory officials, senior utility executives and other experts at this, the sole annual renewable energy policy conference in the Nation’s capital, to help frame the policy direction going forward.  Our 2014 goal is to enable and drive greater renewable energy private sector investment and development.

What does the future of U.S. renewable energy industry investment and growth look like?  Will U.S. renewable energy policy keep pace with industry and market innovation to optimize the potential for economic, energy and environmental benefits?  Together we can explore these questions and begin to chart the path forward for pro-growth, constructive and bipartisan renewable energy policy.  The framework developed at the Forum will help chart the way forward for ACORE, our members and allies to ensure a more effective and more certain policy environment at the federal and state levels to support more robust investment and development of a more united U.S. renewable energy industry.

We are pleased to have you join the conversation. Many thanks to our sponsors, supporting organizations, media partners and ACORE members--and future members--for your essential participation. 


Michael Brower
President & CEO


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