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What are the benefits of becoming a member of ACORE?

We address the many benefits of ACORE Membership in a list that includes such things as exclusive access to conference documents, member updates, ACORE publications, speaking opportunities, and networking with peers and thought leaders at our conferences. For a personal response to your question on member benefits, contact Tracy Aliaga.

How do I join ACORE?

Joining ACORE is quick and can be done online by clicking here. The online system will prompt you to request a PO or pay by credit card.

How much does ACORE cost? What level do I join at?

Membership levels are determined by annual organizational revenue. There are also specialized programs members can join, at a higher membership level. For further information and to see the dues matrix click here.

What do my dues pay for?

ACORE members pay to support the mission of ACORE in leading the transition to a renewable energy economy. In addition, ACORE members participate in our Member Initiatives, quality state of the Industry Briefings, discounted event registration, discounted event sponsorship, exhibitor discounts at conferences such as REFF-Wall Street (, access to a searchable member-only directory, access to speaker archives and analytical reports, plus much more.

When does an organization have to renew our membership?

ACORE's memberships are 12 months in length, commencing the month you join. ACORE's membership team will contact you for your renewal through email, a mailing, and a follow up phone call.

Does my membership give me automatic discounts for ACORE events?

Yes. ACORE membership includes automatic discounts to all ACORE events. Click here for ACORE events.

If I refer a new member is there a credit or further discount for my organization?

Not as of now. But we're currently working on creating incentives for members who recruit additional members. More information will be available soon.

My business is still small. Can I pay my membership fee in installments?

Unfortunately, no. However, consider joining at our Sole Practitioner level.

If I want to sponsor an ACORE event, do I have to be an ACORE member?

No. We welcome sponsors from members and non-members. However, as  a member, you get access to sponsorship discounts.

Do I need to be an ACORE member to attend an ACORE event?

No, however there are member-only activities and special networking opportunities at each national event which are open only to members in good standing. Also, members receive significant discounts to all our major events.

Can ACORE help me get recognition for my organization?

Yes. In addition to offering speaking opportunities at our events, we publish a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter featuring a Member Spotlight, so if you have something to announce, or wish to be considered for special recognition in the Member Update, send your information to our communications associate, Anna Hahnemann

We will also post members' news on our social media platform. Please send the news URL or a pdf of your news to Anna Hahnemann, with "Member News Submission" in the subject line.

ACORE also can provide quotes for press releases if your request can be fulfilled under our 501(c)3 guidelines. Please email Anna or call her at (202) 777-7548 to discuss your needs.

May I use the ACORE logo? If so, what are the guidelines?

Yes, we welcome use of our logo and links to our website, but request that you ask in advance before you do so. Please contact Tracy Aliaga to request a logo.

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The American Council On Renewable Energy

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