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Solena Fuels


Solena Fuels is a sustainable energy company developing Integrated Biomass Gasification to Liquid ("IBGTL") facilities around the world utilizing its proprietary gasification technology as the initial processing block to create the highest value Bio-SPK (Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene). Solena’s sustainable jet and diesel fuels help airlines and shipping companies cost-effectively utilize non-petroleum sourced liquid fuels. Solena Fuels is a privately-held company headquartered in Washington DC, USA.

Using their proprietary technology, Solena Fuels has developed a synthetic fuels solution and business model that addresses the historical challenges faced by the biofuels market. Solena’s synthetic fuel is a “drop-in” fuel that allows airlines and shipping companies to utilize a sustainable energy source without any changes to their engines or infrastructure. Their proprietary technology allows them to use a wide variety of heterogeneous waste feedstocks that do not compete with crops or use water. They partner with the end users of their fuel to develop a facility that allows them to sustainably operate their business.


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