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Aarani Arulmoli

Aarani Arulmoli

Monday, 11 November 2013 16:38

Algae Earns Congressional Caucus

It’s no secret that in order to achieve energy independence, America needs a diverse, reliable, and balanced energy portfolio. Algal biofuels in particular could prove to be an important part of that portfolio. Algae have been extensively pursued for many years as a source for renewable fuel due to their high oil content, efficient growth rates, and potential to be cultivated on non-arable land with non-potable water all while recycling CO2 and promoting a cleaner environment. More recent advancements in research and development in the algae industry have foreshadowed that turning algae into sustainable fuel at commercial scale could become reality in the near future. It’s no wonder Congress has taken an avid interest in these developments.


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