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Mubeen Ali

First Solar – Manager Manufacturing Integration Engineer



From the beginning, Mubeen Ali loved math; the sheer pleasure of doing differential equations and calculus by hand. She was inspired by her mathematics professors and by her mother who was an environmental scientist. “Teachers inspire and influence you, they play a big role in developing or deflecting your interest in a discipline,” said Ali. Her role models pushed her at a young age to further her interests in advanced mathematics and science. Today, Ali works at First Solar, while also pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Toledo.

After completing her bachelors in India, Mubeen Ali moved to the United States in the hopes of completing a Masters degree while simultaneously applying for jobs. In 2006, Ali started at First Solar; a global leader in photovoltaic energy solutions.

At First Solar, Ali works as a Manager in Manufacturing Integration Engineering. Her day to day job requires a basic understanding of statistics, specifically, statistical process control, and knowledge of various disciplines of engineering, physics and chemistry. "You must recognize that the stronger your foundation in the basics of STEM fields, the better you can apply it in an engineering job” said Ali, "Day to day, the most commonly used phrase in engineering teams is, 'is it statistically significant?' This is the foundation you start learning from when you are in high school. The most critical aspect of manufacturing is recognizing you have less margin of error and every step costs you production time. Individuals should know how to define a problem and systematically identify the root cause; all of this requires STEM understanding. ”

“Process Engineering involves improving processes and making them more efficient applying physics and chemistry, together with math and economics of production. At First Solar, we are always trying to make more efficient solar panels to provide a solution with clean and affordable energy” said Ali. First Solar is the leader in thin film photovoltaic technology. “The basis of science is curiosity,” said Ali,” You must be self-motivated and curious to be successful in any field you join.”


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