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Pascal Storck

Cornell University, University of Illinois & University of Washington – former COO of 3TIER, now a Global Director at Vaisala



Dr. Pascal Storck was a teenager when computers were first entering the global marketplace, and he was captivated by the new technology and its innovative programming capabilities. When recalling his first commodore 64 Storck said, “I was absolutely fascinated by the video game coding – I could spend hours and hours on that thing.” Dr. Storck loved the formative aspect of new technology; specifically, the limitless amount of things you could do with it. However, he was also extremely intrigued by mathematics and the solutions hidden within formulas and equations for real world problems.

Dr. Storck enrolled at Cornell University to become an engineer and then went on to pursue a civil and environmental engineering master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Over the course of his engineering schooling, Dr. Storck had become immersed in systems analysis, operations research, and mathematical optimization. However, after numerous years of working in the world of computers and engineering, Dr. Storck decided that he wanted to take that knowledge and use it in an applied science field. His hydrology PhD program at the University of Washington focused on how to use mathematics to solve water-related issues.

While completing his doctorate, Dr. Storck joined the NASA earth systems modeling observation group, which later developed into a fellowship opportunity. With the grant funding from his NASA earth systems fellowship, Dr. Storck was able to develop a new kind of field sensor. This sensor measured what happens to snow when it is held up in trees, which is an important tool when gauging flooding and stream flow, and the impact on both when trees are removed for commercial purposes. This sensor allowed him to scientifically explain a physical system through the means of an mechanical device.

Today, as a global director at Vaisala (formerly 3TIER), Dr. Storck spends much of his time on management. However, he still remains an expert in guiding technology within the company as well as the larger renewable energy industry. Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, who acquired 3TIER to combine its measurement expertise with the company's renewable energy assessment and forecasting capabilities, which use weather prediction modeling, satellite tecniques, and advanced algorithms to calculate future energy production. Because weather is the fuel for many renewable energy projects, Vaisala’s clients need to be able to assess what the weather will be like tomorrow, as well as in the next 40 years. Through the utilization of advanced science and technologies, Vaisala can determine power potential at wind and solar projects anywhere in the world.

“At Vaisala, we believe that the world needs to transition to renewable energy driven electricity as quickly as we can to minimize our carbon impacts,” said Dr. Storck. “However, we need to do that in a responsible, cost-effective fashion, by understanding and mitigating the risks and making the best use of our time and financial resources. In this respect, it is vitally important for us to help guide some of the largest energy companies in the world through key financial decisions.”


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