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Monday, 11 February 2013 15:35

ECG – 2.11.13 A reliable reliability fact check from Energy Fact Check

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Be sure to check out Energy Fact Check’s new Featured Fact Check debunking the claim that “renewable energy is unreliable and must be continually backed up by fossil fuels for times when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.”(
Sample Tweet: Think renewables are unreliable? Think again. Renewables provide steady and reliable electricity via @EnergyFactCheck

1. Solar and wind power are no panacea for climate change (Baltimore Sun)
a) According to a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “the integration of 35% wind and solar energy into the electric power system will not require extensive infrastructure if changes are made to operational practices” (such as forecasting and scheduling). (Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory,
b) Several techniques are used to mitigate the variability challenges of renewable resources. For example, frequent scheduling of generation and interchanges reduces the need for continuously-running fossil fuel reserves. Additionally, “increasing the size of the geographic area over which the wind and solar resources are drawn from substantially reduces variability.” (Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory,
More from Energy Fact Check’s new Featured Fact Check on renewable energy reliability >>
2. An unwise wind plan is back in Maryland (Washington Post)
a) The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) estimates that the potential for offshore wind power in the U.S. is four times greater than the country's current total generating capacity from all sources (Source: NREL,
b) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that by 2030, the development of 54,000 MW of offshore wind projects in the U.S. could create more than 43,000 permanent operations and maintenance jobs and approximately 20.7 direct jobs per annual megawatt (MW) (Source: NREL,
3. The Wind Power Tax (Wall Street Journal)

1. The Challenges of Financing Renewable Energy (Platts)
2. Murkowski energy plan would gut the RFS (Biomass Magazine)
3. Winds of change: Texas poised to double wind energy output (KENS 5 San Antonio)
Sample Tweet: #Texas is becoming a #renewableenergy powerhouse. The state leads in #windenergy production & is poised for a lot more.
4. Solar neighborhood projects shine in ‘sunbreak’ Seattle (Seattle Times)
5. Maryland Ocean Turbines Seen Powering Offshore Energy (Bloomberg)
Sample Tweet: Maryland offshore wind turbines would power over 60,000 houses, create jobs, and mark the emergence of an industry.
6. Germany has five times as much solar power as the U.S. — despite Alaska levels of sun (Washington Post)
7. Solar Battle Afoot In Arizona Due To Cheap Solar? (Clean Technica)
8. Rocky Barker: Fox News doesn't shine with solar story (Idaho Statesman)
9. 7 Solar, Wind, Energy Efficiency, Geothermal, & EV Charts & Graphs From Bloomberg New Energy Finance (Clean Technica)
10. In the Rockies, Growing Support for Renewables (New York Times)
Sample Tweet: Renewable energy and protection of public lands gains increasing support among voters in the Rocky Mountain states.

1. Kansas considers pulling plug on renewable energy standards (Topeka Capital Journal)
2. Corn shortage idles 20 ethanol plants nationwide (Minnesota Public Radio)
3. It’s Not Easy Being Green (New York Times)
4. Solar power boom fuels increase in hazardous waste sent to dumps (Star Tribune) works to avoid listing of prairie grouse (Houston Chronicle)
5. Tesla Motors Approaches Crossroad (Wall Street Journal)
6. Plugging In, Dutch Put Electric Cars to the Test

National & State Politics
1. Vermont’s flawed renewable energy policy (Times Argus)
2. Shumlin: Don’t ban windmills (Bennington Banner)
3. The New Sustainable Energy Factbook: A Strong Case for Consistent Policy (Think Progress)
4. United States Aims To Win Clean Energy Race (Earth Techling)
5. DOE, US Treasury Announce New, $150M Round Of Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits (Clean Technica)
6. Sen. Murkowski: 'Energy is good' (The Hill)
7. Kerry cool to Keystone XL project, pushes clean energy (The Star Phoenix)
8. Climate change and the president (Washington Post)

Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass
1. Wind Energy Jobs Trickle Back Post Wind Tax Credit Extension (Earth Techling)
2. New Yorkers' Green Helps Wind Power Supply More Of The Power Grid (NY1)
3. Texas Wind Power Transmission Set To Skyrocket As Energy Exec Hints At End Of Nukes (Clean Technica)
4. Nebraska behind the game in renewable energy (KOTA News)
5. Solar power sees cheaper prices (The Daily Targum)
6. Wind farm giant goes after 'myths' (New Hampshire Union Leader)
7. With federal tax credit renewed, new life breathed into wind industry (Austin Statesman)

Vehicles, Biofuels, Electrification
1. USDA: No time to rest on biofuels success (The Messenger)
2. Ventura County paves smoother road for electric vehicles (VC Star)
3. New E15 fuel configuration gets approval in US (Biofuels International)
4. A look at the green cars at the Chicago Auto Show (Daily Herald)
5. Lawmaker wants to extend carpool lane access for clean cars (Los Angeles Times)

Business & Investing
1. Investments in renewable energy sector to triple by 2020: study (Business Standard)
2. Is It Smart To Go Long On First Solar? (Seeking Alpha)

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