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Jackson Robinson

Jackson W. Robinson

President & Chief Investment Officer
Winslow Management, Inc.

In the 1950's, Jack Robinson's parents authored The Have-More Plan, a seminal "back-to-the-land" book on self-sufficiency, and they raised Jack on a rural homestead based on The Have-More Plan's tenets. He grew up learning about gardening, recycling, and alternative energy - all early lessons that played important roles in his personal and professional life.

After graduating from Brown University, Jack entered the financial services industry in Boston, working in commercial banking, institutional sales, and money management. In 1979 he moved to Vermont, where he was an officer and director of Garden Way, Inc., and President of the National Gardening Association, both socially responsible entities. Through these positions, he observed that environmental and social responsibility can enhance corporate profitability.

In 1983 Jack started Winslow Management with the mission of providing "green", or environmentally responsible, portfolio management services to individual and institutional clients. After several years of managing environmentally responsible portfolios and discovering how they often outperformed unscreened portfolios, he decided in 1991 to focus exclusively on green investing. Over time, Winslow has developed a focused small-cap growth investment style, investing exclusively in companies with clean operations and focusing on green sectors such as organic food production or renewable energy. Winslow's strategy is to find hidden opportunities among the small companies in these markets - companies that appear poised for rapid growth, or companies whose stocks are undervalued by the broader market.

Jack serves as the Chairman of the Board of Spartech Corporation (NYSE:SEH), as a director of the Jupiter European Opportunities Trust PLC, and as a Trustee of Suffield Academy, where he chairs the investment committee. Mr. Robinson also serves on the Advisory Board of the American Council for Renewable Energy (ACORE) and participates in the Brown Forum for Enterprise. He is frequently quoted by Barron's, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and National Public Radio.


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