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Power Generation & Infrastructure Initiative Forums

2012-2013 Forums

The Initiative was launched on February 22, in Scottsdale, AZ.  During the initial forum, leaders from the utility and renewables industries met to exchange information, perspectives and begin the task of laying out key questions embedded in an overarching question: What is the structure that will both entice and ensure that power generators will profit from their investment in renewable energy?  Building on this dialogue, subsequent forums will focus on the most relevant issues within specific regions related to the scale up and integration of renewable energy into the grid.  This approach acknowledges the importance of regional variation in the power markets.  Following is the tentative plan to address these issues:

Forum I: Business Models for Renewable Energy Electricity in the 21st Century
February 22, 2012, Scottsdale, Arizona

Forum II: Power Generation & Infrastructure Track at the Renewable Energy Technology Business Conference and Exhibition (RETECH) 2012
October 17‐19, 2012, Washington, DC

ACORE Regional Roundtable:  Renewable Energy Grid Integration in ERCOT 
November 27, 2012, Houston, Texas

Forum III: The Business Models for the Integration and Scale Up of Renewable Energy in the Western Region
April 18, 2013, Portland, Oregon

Forum IV: The Business Models for the Integration and Scale Up of Renewable Energy in New England
Fall 2013, Connecticut